You love to see your client develop her or his potential, right? Empowering people is the main reason we became coaches in the first place.
We then take a leap of faith,
put ourselves out there,
sign up our clients,
simply love what we do and do what we love.

Month-end arrives: our bank balance tumbles as every debit order floods through our mobile phone screens. And right here, the reality of running a practice starts to steal our joy.

Trust FlowCoach to help you regain your joy. FlowCoach takes the burden of running your practice on us. We’ve created a cloud-based practice management system that frees up your time, allowing you to focus on your first love, coaching.

Just imagine, would it work for you if:

  •  Clients start paying upfront for sessions?
  •  Appointment admin becomes hassle-free?
  •  A win-win agreement is signed before you start coaching?
  •  Your billing is a click-of-a-button-process?
  •  Coaching hours are logged in a report, for accreditation purposes?
  •  Your professional coaching profile is featured on web and social media platforms, free of charge?
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Here’s how to achieve admin Flow, Coach

The FlowCoach system is built on three pillars: simplicity, efficiency and value-for-money.
From the moment that you and your client decide to embark on a coaching journey:

Quick, easy appointments

Clients register themselves

Secure, online payments

Easily accessible coaching resources

One-screen assessment of practice well-being

Coaching hours & financial status reports

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  • R 500 Monthly
  • Pay a R500 monthly membership fee, as long as you wish. The fixed monthly expense puts you in control of your admin. A free 30-day trial awaits you, so come on in, you have everything to gain! Start your free trial NOW
  • R 5400 Yearly
  • Pay for a year and forget about it. What’s more, you get a 13th month free, in addition to an immediate discount of R600. When you sign up, you still get your free 30-day trial month. You get 14 months’ full FlowCoach system access. Start your free trial NOW
  • R 300 Monthly
    Opening special
  • Be one of the first 100 coaches to sign up. You get a 40% discount for the first year - that’s R2400! In fact, for 14 months, just like our STRESS-FREE ANNUAL+ package. Start your free trial NOW



Looking for a coach, to help you bring more flow into your life, at work and at home?
Feel free to browse through our team member profiles.
Make contact, if
you want to get unstuck,
frame your vision,
develop your potential, and
start working towards your goals.

Herman Veitch

Herman is an experienced Business, Leadership and Life coach, with a Professional Certified Status at the International Coaching Federation. He adds value to you, his client, from a deep body of knowledge, which he masterfully translates into practical, usable tools that can make an immediate difference. When appropriate, Herman makes use of horses, as facilitation medium, in equine assisted coaching. His coaching relationships are highly personalized, mutual learning processes. Confidential and objective partnerships, resulting in you, the client, being increasingly empowered to achieve better and faster results.


Hendrik Crafford

I have spent the past twenty-six years on a journey through the financial services industry, starting off in sales, senior management sales and currently involved in Strategic Project design and delivery. The past twelve years my self-development journey was spent developing the skill of coaching. I am currently a Certified Professional Integral coach, qualification was obtained through Centre for Coaching at University of Cape Town in 2008. Certification is maintained through New Ventures West and Centre of Couching. Further education includes NLP, Conscious Embodiment Coaching level 2, certified on FEBI Assessment and Coaching and accredited in the Enneagram. Being in business give me the advantage of applying the methodology of coaching within the workspace and experiencing both the benefits and challenges of coaching in the workplace. Some of the companies I dealt with, as coach, in the past where ABSA, Liberty Life, Media 24 & Merck pharmaceuticals. My niche is executive and management coaching, with individuals who are on a journey to excellence, as well as change management. My passion is exploring how to support people and organisations to rediscover BEING instead of the rat race of just doing.


Who We Are

FlowCoach is the brain-child of experienced coaches, who have been there, done that and paid the school fees, so you don’t have to. Through FlowCoach, their combined experience in building and running successful coaching practices is shared with you.

Herman Veitch, co-founder of FlowCoach, is a PCC accredited coach. He has been coaching since 2006...

Specialising in business coaching, he helps clients through:

  1. Co-creation of their vision, and
  2. Crafting operational systems en route to the achievement of their goals.

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Hendrik Crafford, co-founder of Flow Coach, is also a PCC accredited coach. His niche is executive and management coaching with individuals who are on a journey to excellence. His passion is exploring how to support people and organisations to rediscover BEING instead of simply doing, i.e. how to transcend the rat race.

Currently, Hendrik also plays a strategic role in the financial services industry.

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